Jotunheim R Headphone Amplifier

Jotunheim R 1

Direct-Drive Amplifier for RAAL-requisite True-Ribbon Headphones.

Want to ditch the speaker amp and interface box for something smaller and simpler? Do you want a true one-box solution you can carry with you wherever you go? Then you want Jotunheim R—direct-drive ribbon headphone amplifier.

Jotunheim R 2
Jotunheim R 3

With DAC. Without DAC.

Get Jotunheim R as “just an amp,” or add an internal DAC to tailor the system to your needs.  If you already have a DAC, or don’t need one, choose Jotunheim R without a DAC module for $799. Choose the optional DAC Module to get unique digital filtering and multibit DAC architecture, for $200 more.

Jotunheim R 4

Developed by Schiit Audio.
For RAAL-requisite headphones.

This amp was designed for one kind of headphones only: the RAAL-requisite ribbon headphones. Delivering up to 13A (amps…yes, amps) per channel into RAAL’s extremely low impedance load, and including the baffle compensation needed for the SR1a. It means you can leave your speaker amp behind, forget the RAAL-requisite interface box, and, if you buy it with the optional True MultibitTM DAC, you have a one-box system that’s easily transportable.

Headphone amp and SR1a in case

SR1a + Jotunheim R

SR1a Earfield Monitors / Jotunheim R 
7′ Cable / Hardcase $4000
Optional DAC (+$200) 
5 Year Warranty