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WATCH: Headphone enthusiasts experience the SR1a for the first time.

6moons | SR1a Read →

Reviewer: Srajan Ebaen

Headphonics | CanJam Singapore Read →

Reviewer: Marcus

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Reviewer: Victor Ye

Darko | Raal’s Requisite Ribbon Read →

Reviewer: Srajan Ebaen

SR1a  Quotes

Jack Joseph Puig endorsing SR1a True Ribbon, Earfield™ headphone monitors

Remarkable Sound & Remarkable Design.

Jack Joseph Puig

Grammy Awarded Producer/Engineer (John Mayer, Barbra Streisand, Eric Clapton, Weezer, No Doubt, Green Day, U2, Counting Crows)

Erick Urbino, Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer

I’ve never heard any headphones that I can really trust what’s going on in the lowend - until these crazy headphones!

Erick Urbino

Latin Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer

Rafa Sardina, 13-Time Grammy® & Latin Grammy® Award Winning Producer/Mixer/Engineer

World class professional monitors I can take on the road! I can finally trust my sound everywhere.

Rafa Sardina

13-Time Grammy® & Latin Grammy® Award Winning Producer/Mixer/Engineer

Cal Campbell, Professional Drummer & Producer

Not only the truest sound and bass picture of any headphones I’ve ever heard, it allows a vocalist to sing and hear their own natural voice in the room without bleed concerns due to the ribbon design.

Cal Campbell Professional Drummer & Producer
Parker Cason, Professional Producer/Engineer

I have been hesitant to make EQ choices on headphones in the past, but with the SR1a I feel confident to charge forward! These are the Ferrari of headphones!

Parker Cason Professional Producer/Engineer

This is astonishing. I was extremely shocked.

This is literally the first headphone that i would consider to be an 'out of head' experience. Mind you, i have tried and owned many that people claim to be speaker like, but this literally just blows everything away in depth, space.

Before actually hearing it i thought it was going to be bright, quick and lean ( which was really my impressions of the k1000).

But this isnt the case, the treble extended forever, and had this tonal sweetness to it that ive never heard before, and is never fatiguing.

Vocals have this depth and realism to it, especially when listening to live tracks, i feel like im just right there.

The speed is incredible, such amazing control whilst being engaging as heck, the bass had an incredible body to it.

Overall, the best thing ive heard in Canjam this year by a long shot. It even made the wa33+Abyss Phi TC setup downstairs sound meh...

Mystel - | Forum thread on Canjam Singapore 2019 →

Truest, most transparent headphone I experienced… The imaging and sound stage are unrivaled by any traditional headphone or in-ear monitor.

Chris Bisha -
CanJam at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 • The Quest for Gain

Unparalleled musicality and detail… A completely adjustable soundstage, able to reproduce a near-field loudspeaker experience (not approximate or fake, but real, two channel imaging).

Gary Alan Barker -
CanJam at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 • Show Report

Such a quickness to the sound, immediate stops and starts, tremendous dynamic swings with macro punch and fall back to micro detail. These are designed for mixing and mastering and would make great uber-phones for home use.

Dennis Young -
CanJam at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 • Show Report

A radical departure from traditional headphone designs that presents speed, dynamics and imaging that exceeds flagship planar and electrostatic systems. Arguably the most exciting new development in headphone engineering in a long time.

Victor Ye

Audiophile and Sound Engineer

The sound was super clean and detailed with very punchy bass… Some of the most crisp and tactile bass I’ve heard… For those who are willing to shell out the cash, the combination of staging, clarity and bass response is absolutely unheard of.

Dave Hanson -
CanJam at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 • Show Report

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