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SR1a True Ribbon, Earfield™ headphone monitor

True Ribbon SR1a.
The world's first Earfield headphone monitor.

The SR1a by RAAL-requisite is the world's first Earfield™ headphone monitor. Experience mixing, mastering, and home listening with unparalleled accuracy and realism in a soundfield devoid of room acoustics and comb-filtering caused by work surface reflections. Earfield™ technology delivers unheard of program accuracy and a speaker-like soundfield experience.

WATCH: Headphone enthusiasts experience the SR1a for the first time.

Headphone Guru 2019 Frank Iacone Award

Headphone Guru 2019 Frank Iacone Award

Frank Iacone | Headphone.Guru Review →
Fujiya Avic Gold and Silver Awards

2019 Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival in Tokyo
SR1a earns Gold in High-End Headphone Category
SR1a earns Silver in Entire Show Category

Blue Moon Award for SR1a True Ribbon, Earfield™ headphone monitors

SR1a earns rare 6moons Blue Moon Award in 2019!

Equal to the best possible big hifi systems but without any of their issues of room interference, cabinet interference, port interference, crossover interference and the lot.

Srajan Ebaen | Review →
Jack Joseph Puig endorsing SR1a True Ribbon, Earfield™ headphone monitors

Remarkable Sound & Remarkable Design.

Jack Joseph Puig

Grammy Awarded Producer/Engineer (John Mayer, Barbra Streisand, Eric Clapton, Weezer, No Doubt, Green Day, U2, Counting Crows)

Truest, most transparent headphone I experienced… The imaging and sound stage are unrivaled by any traditional headphone or in-ear monitor.

Chris Bisha -
CanJam at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 • The Quest for Gain

Unparalleled musicality and detail… A completely adjustable soundstage, able to reproduce a near-field loudspeaker experience (not approximate or fake, but real, two channel imaging).

Gary Alan Barker -
CanJam at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 • Show Report

Ribbons for a reason.

The SR1a is the world’s first True-Ribbon™ headphone. Highly specialized ribbon drivers were developed that reproduce 30Hz to 30kHz bandwidth in order to eliminate the need for sealed chambered bass and allow for open air baffles (both front and back) for a true full-frequency soundfield.

Erick Urbino, Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer

I’ve never heard any headphones that I can really trust what’s going on in the lowend - until these crazy headphones!

Erick Urbina Toranzo

Latin Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer

SR1a True Ribbon, Earfield™ headphone monitors
Rafa Sardina, 13-Time Grammy® & Latin Grammy® Award Winning Producer/Mixer/Engineer

World class professional monitors I can take on the road! I can finally trust my sound everywhere.

Rafa Sardina

13-Time Grammy® & Latin Grammy® Award Winning Producer/Mixer/Engineer

SR1a mixing freedom

SR1a Freedom.

Professional engineers report that SR1a Earfield Monitors™ reveal more detail and accuracy than even their finest traditional studio monitors or headphones. Helping to achieve high-quality, transferable mix results in non-traditional environments. The accuracy, musicality and portability of the SR1a frees the engineer to work whenever, and wherever they choose.

Cal Campbell, Professional Drummer & Producer

Not only the truest sound and bass picture of any headphones I’ve ever heard, it allows a vocalist to sing and hear their own natural voice in the room without bleed concerns due to the ribbon design.

Cal Campbell Professional Drummer & Producer

Such a quickness to the sound, immediate stops and starts, tremendous dynamic swings with macro punch and fall back to micro detail. These are designed for mixing and mastering and would make great uber-phones for home use.

Dennis Young -
CanJam at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 • Show Report

A radical departure from traditional headphone designs that presents speed, dynamics and imaging that exceeds flagship planar and electrostatic systems. Arguably the most exciting new development in headphone engineering in a long time.

Victor Ye

Audiophile and Sound Engineer

Incredibly comfortable.

Weighing in at only 425 grams (15 ounces). Unlike standard headphones who’s weight and heat create listener discomfort over time. The SR1a Earfield™ design eliminates heat buildup on the ears providing a cool, natural airflow. Your ears will also appreciate the complete absence of sound pressure against the eardrums caused by traditional sealed can designs. SR1a headphones can be worn comfortably for many hours at any listening level.

Parker Cason, Professional Producer/Engineer

I have been hesitant to make EQ choices on headphones in the past, but with the SR1a I feel confident to charge forward! These are the Ferrari of headphones!

Parker Cason Professional Producer/Engineer
SR1 Finest Materials

Finest materials. Hand built.

The SR1a features; carbon fiber baffles, stainless spring steel headband, aluminum ribbon drivers, plush memory foam bars, and lambskin leather (non-leather option available). Every SR1a is expertly handmade, in Serbia, by the skilled European craftspeople who build world-renowned RAAL ribbon tweeters.

Unbox. Unbelieveable.

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  • Price

    $3499 USD

  • Warranty

    5 Years

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  • Includes
    1. SR1a Earfield Monitors™
    2. Ribbon/Amp Interface & Cables
    3. 7' Headphone Y Cable
    4. Custom SR1a Hardcase
  • Not Included

    100W Speaker Amp

    Any loudspeaker amplifier will work.

  • Specifications Show
    • Earfield™ open baffle design. Floating near ear, does not enclose ears.
    • Impedance: 0.2 Ohms with cabling. Used in series Ribbon/Amplifier Interface.
    • Ribbon/Amplifier Interface: 6 Ohms. Use with any loudspeaker amplifier.
    • Amplifier power rating: 100W
    • Sensitivity: 91dB/1W
    • Max SPL : 111 dB
    • Fr. range 33Hz-30kHz
    • Weight: ~425grams

The sound was super clean and detailed with very punchy bass… Some of the most crisp and tactile bass I’ve heard… For those who are willing to shell out the cash, the combination of staging, clarity and bass response is absolutely unheard of.

Dave Hanson -
CanJam at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 • Show Report

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