Ribbon Headphone Cables

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Our STANDARD cable is individually handmade using copper/silver conductors, coated with Teflon dielectric, hand-soldered to gold connectors. Conductors are drawn through a nylon weaved jacket, featuring nearly zero dielectric absorption. 7ft version is standard equipment for all RAAL-requisite headphone models.

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Deluxe Ribbon

Taking the Jotunheim R to new levels. Find audio bliss in our DELUXE RIBBON HP cable, as it retains all the musical impact of the Jotunheim R while providing smoothness and warmth throughout the audio bandwidth. All four conductors are cut from the same section of wire and measured to the assure equal resistance on all conductors. Due to specific geometry and wire parameters this cable is available in 8ft lengths only. Highly recommended for use with Jotunheim R.

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Premium Ribbon

Our PREMIUM RIBBON HP cables are crafted using proprietary silver wire, custom annealed for ideal audio characteristics and coated with extremely low-absorption dielectric. The STAR-6 is airy and clear, perfect for revealing the subtlest or details. Pairing with the HSA-1b reveals one of life’s rare audio pleasures. This is Alex’s favorite cable and is recommended for both HSA-1b and Jotunheim R.

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Studio Reference

The STUDIO REFERENCE SR728 & SR1028 series are wound using 196ft and 280ft (respectively) of our proprietary silver wire. The design is based on 30+ years developing high resolution microphone cables for the recording industry. Our Studio Reference is revealing, balanced and delivers a relaxed and engaging listen. Ideal for long sessions and a wide variety of musical styles with the HSA-1b. This is Danny’s favorite cable with the HSA-1b. Which will be your favorite?

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