RAAL-requisite Cable Audition Program

Interesting, Enlightening and Enjoyable.

Audio performance and subjective preference is best revealed through the process of audition. It’s especially helpful when it can be done in your own environment with source material and auxiliary equipment you are familiar with.

Additionally, evaluation takes time. With our Cable Audition Program, you have 14-days to go deep into the rabbit-hole without distraction from us and no pressure to purchase, ever.

This is why we have created the RAAL-requisite Cable Audition Program. Created to make the experience as interesting, enlightening and enjoyable as possible.

How it works:

Request an Audition Kit, by email, website or telephone.
You can do this at the time of ordering a new ribbon headphone/ amplifier or, even if you’ve owned your ribbon headphones for years.

Cable Kit “A” includes:
The Deluxe (8ft), Star-67 (7ft) and SR728 (7ft).

Cable Kit “B” includes:
The Deluxe (8ft), Star-610 (10ft) and SR1028 (10ft) if your application requires a longer cable. The Deluxe cable is only available in 8ft length.

A Cable Kit (A or B) will be sent to you at no cost, including free shipping.

After your evaluation, you may return any or all cables from the Audition Kit, using the provided UPS return label, at no cost to you.

If you find a cable you’d like to keep, simply return the unwanted cables and we will bill you for the cable of your choice.

If you decide to purchase a cable from the Audition Kit, the $150 retail price of your “Standard” cable will be credited towards the purchase price of your new cable selection, if you wish to return it. This even includes anyone who’s purchased their ribbon headphones years ago.

You are always welcome to keep your original Standard cable as a back- up spare, if you wish.

It’s our intention to bring you the best in audio performance with a minimum of hassle and maximum of convenience and enjoyment.