PDA-1a Planar & Dynamic Headphone Amplifier

PDA-1a Front

Delivers Uncompromising Performance for Planar and Dynamic Headphones

The PDA-1a is the direct beneficiary of technology developed and derived  from our highly successful and greatly reviewed HSA-1b.

By eliminating the high-current requirements of speakers and ribbon headphones our model HSA has been purpose-tuned, to new heights, for even the most difficult to drive Planar and Dynamic headphones.

PDA-1a Back

Everything You’d Expect From
RAAL-requisite, a Great Listen, Every Listen

Beyond audio performance, we added utility. As a result, the PDA-1a easily drives two headphones simultaneously and provides the second headphone output with 0dB, -5dB and -10dB range attenuation for better matching when using different headphone types or to lower volume, if desired, for the second listener.

Single-Ended RCA and Balanced XLR Inputs, 4-Grounding positions and 3-Levels of Input-Sensitivity, for XLR Inputs, providing for maximum range of settings for the 24-step attenuator.

PDA Planar Dynamic Headphone Amplifier 1

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Visit your favorite RAAL-requisite dealer for an audition or call us directly. We’ll send a PDA to you for a 30-day, money back, no questions asked trial. Connect it to your system, your music and listen at your leisure.

PDA-1a  $3,500

PDA-1a / Roller Flight Case
5 Year Warranty